Ottawa Lawyer: Don’t let your adjuster RIP YOU OFF!

Yet again this week our Ottawa personal injury lawyer received a telephone call from an Ottawa accident victim who told us that he cannot get more physiotherapy through his accident benefits because his adjuster has “closed his file”.

Meaning what, exactly?  She put it in a drawer?  She is storing it in another cabinet?  Remember, as long as you have not exhausted the policy limits, and as long as ten years have not expired and as long as you have not entered into a settlement agreement, your file cannot be closed.  It just doesn’t matter what the accident benefit adjuster says.

For accidents before September 1, 2010, most people have $100,000 in medical / rehabilitation benefits.  For accidents after September 1, 2010 the amount you have may be less ($50,000 or $3,500 depending on a variety of factors)  However, as long as it is reasonable and necessary, you can spend your total policy amount on physio, chiropractic, psychological services, occupational therapy services etc., etc.  within 10 years of the date of your accident.

Don’t let the adjuster short change you by using meaningless words like “closing your file.”   If you are not sure, take advantage of the free consultation offered by most Ottawa motor vehicle accident lawyers.

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