Ottawa Child Injury Lawyer: Trampoline Safety Tips

Child Injury: Trampoline Safety Tips

We are personal injury lawyers but parents too.  We know kids love bouncing! Recently some doctors have been recommending that children be banned from playing on trampolines.  They are seen by doctors as unsafe, causing many minor serious injuries to young children.

Injuries can come in various forms.  Children may sustain spinal injuries, head injuries, neck or back injuries, broken or fractured bones, cuts and bruises or sprains, to name a few.  These injuries can even result in death or permanent damage, such as paralysis.

If you own a trampoline or if your children have friends who do, you need to be aware of the ways they can be injured so you can stop your child from getting hurt.  Following easy safety precautions can make jumping pain free.  Trampolines can be a great source of fun for children, but only if they’re used in the right way!

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