Ottawa Child Injury Lawyer | Accident Claim

Why do Ottawa personal injury lawyers  Auger Hollingsworth have separate pages for personally injured children?

  1. In many ways, a child’s accident claim is treated differently than an adult accident claim by the law and by the insurance companies. Our Injured Children’s Pages highlight these differences.
  2. As parents ourselves, we know you are looking for resources to help you cope with your child’s future after a serious accident. Our Injured Children’s Pages collect important resources for child accident victims in one, easy to find spot.
  3. As the parent of an injured child, your time is precious. The Injured Children’s Pages are abbreviated so you can quickly get an overview of what a claim for compensation involves.
  4. We highlight child accident prevention. Handling cases for child accident victims motivates our personal injury lawyers to provide important consumer information on product safety, traffic safety and accident avoidance. This information is highlighted in the Injured Children’s Pages.

If your child has been injured, please read the Injured Children’s Pages carefully and then telephone an experienced lawyer at Auger Hollingsworth at 613-233-4529 or email [email protected].

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