Ottawa Child Brain Injury Lawyer: What Parents Need to Know

Ottawa– As Ottawa personal injury lawyers we know that paediatric brain injuries are, unfortunately,  very common in Canada.

The impact of a traumatic brain injury is often permanent.  For some children, a brain injury will result in a lifetime of required medical and other care. A child’s traumatic brain injury may be due to the negligence of another person or business.

Where the injury was caused by someone else, the child may have a valid claim for compensation and damages.  For serious brain injuries, the amount of damages awarded can be quite high.  The lifetime cost of care for a brain injured child is significant.  A lifetime of lost wages, or reduced wages can also amount to significant damages.

Child brain injury may be cause by:

1)         Falling –  Falls are among the leading cause of brain injury for everyone, most notably kids under age 4.

2)         Car Accidents – Motor vehicle accidents cause many brain injuries.

3)         Struck by/Against Events– Sports-related injuries such as being hit with a ball or bat are also cocommon causes of child TBI.  For example, many young hockey players suffer from head injuries.

4)           Assaults–  Less commonly, child brain injuries arise from assaults.

If you are the parent of a child who has sustained a traumatic brain injury, also known as an acquired brain injury, you should locate an experienced Ottawa brain injury lawyer to discuss your client’s claim.  Compensation can be significant assistance to both the child and the family.

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