Ottawa Brain Injury Lawyer | Accident Claim

Just like in the movies and John Grisham novels, if you have been seriously injured some personal injury lawyers, or people working on their behalf, will approach you in the hospital.  Sometimes, they “pop their heads in” while purportedly visiting another client nearby.  While it is okay to speak to a lawyer who approaches you, you should be very wary about signing a contract with any lawyer who shows up without an invitation from you or your family.  Prospective clients with spinal cord injuries or brain injuries are frequent targets.

The lawyers at Auger Hollingsworth do not solicit clients in the hospital.  We will of course attend at the hospital if we are contacted and requested to attend.  However, we will not let you sign a contract with us on the spot- even if you want to.  We believe than anyone in a crisis should have at least 24 hours to consider a retainer agreement, and a big decision, to hire a lawyer.

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