Ottawa Amusement Park Accident Lawyers

Amusement Park injuries in Ottawa and elsewhere in Ontario are common and can be serious.  Every year people are injured at the Ottawa Exhibition, local country fairs, Calypso Water Park and other travelling midways.

Amusement park accidents can result in bone fractures, whiplash injuries, brain injuries ranging from concussions to much worse and even death.  Amusement park injuries are not limited to fly-by-night shopping mall midway rides.  Even established amusement parks in Ontario and elsewhere can be involved in serious personal injury.

An Ontario amusement park injury may occur because of structural failure, unsafe exit and entrance ways onto the ride, malfunctioning safety bars and belts.  Accidents happen if a person is placed on an incorrectly sized ride, or falls from an incorrectly fastened safety belt.

Accidents involving amusement parks or midways may happen at a variety of sites, including:

  • Fixed-site rides – These are the large, often permanent, amusement parks or theme parks
  • Mobile amusement parks – These are the traveling type midways that show up on Canada Day, at country fairs and that are set up for days or a few weeks.
  • Inflatable rides – Increasingly popular, these are the “bouncy castle”  type of amusements.  They are often seen at community centre fairs, school parties and may be rented for private use or be part of a larger public park.
  • Water slides and other water rides.

Ontario has safety regulations that the owners and operators of the amusements and rides must adhere to.

What are the Factors Involved in Ontario Amusement Park Accidents?

The most common contributors to amusement park accidents are the following:

  • Operator behavior – How the operator turns the ride on and off and improper maintenance are considerations. for example, stopping the ride abruptly, or improperly maintaining or assembling the ride are important factors.
  • Mechanical failures– Structural problems such as weak joints and welds, missing safety pins, lap bars and safety belts that do not fasten safely are examples.
  • Rider Behaviour – The ride is only as safe as the rider.  Removing safety bars, standing when you should be sitting, and horseplay can contribute to accidents.

Of course, sometimes an accident may result from a combination of some or all of these factors.

Who is responsible for an Ontario Amusement Park Injury?

The damages suffered by an someone after a serious accident at an amusement park may be compensable.  in other words, there may be money payable to someone injured on an amusement park ride in Ontario.   Liability will follow if the plaintiff (injured party) can prove that the owner or operator (or both) were negligent in the operation of the amusement park or part of an amusement park.

Contact an Ontario Personal Injury Lawyer

Every amusement park accident is different and the particular facts of each must be considered in any case.  The personal injury lawyers at Auger Hollingsworth will look at the facts of your case to determine if you have a viable case.  Call us at 613 860-4529, or use our contact form, to make a no obligation appointment today.

About the Author: Brenda Hollingsworth

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