Ottawa Accident Lawyer: Soft Tissue Injuries? Ottawa Injury: Chronic Pain Disorder?

If you have had an Ottawa motor vehicle accident, or other type of accident, you may have suffered injury to your muscles, tendons, fasciae or ligaments.  This injury may have been caused by whiplash or by another mechanism of injury.  Some of your post-accident symptoms may be neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, nausea, dizziness, headaches, joint pain, tingling in your hands or feet.  You may also feel restricted in your range of motion.  Your vehicle may have been rear-ended or t-boned or hit head on.

Your initial course of treatment after an injury like this may be physiotherapy, chiropractic treatments, accupuncture, medication (such as pain killers or muscle relaxants).  Many people with these types of injuries enjoy a full (or almost full) recovery after a number of months.

However, for a significant number of Ottawa accident victims, the symptoms do not resolve.  These unfortunate sufferers go on to suffer serious debilitating pain, long after any “objective injury” has resolved.  For these individuals, chronic pain or fibromyalgia develops.

Chronic pain or fibromalgia are real and, increasingly, are recognized as serious conditions for which compensation may be paid if the injury was caused through the fault of someone else.    Some chronic pain sufferers are very disabled, to the point where work is impossible and the patient spends his or her time travelling from appointment to appointment, looking for relief.

Despite very serious symptoms, there is often nothing that shows up on an MRI, X-Ray or other diagnostic test.  So how does an effective Ottawa accident lawyer prove that the client has a serious injury that should be compensated?  The answer is that it takes a lot of work, both by the lawyer and the client.

If you have a chronic pain or fibromyalgia case as a result of an accident, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer.  We would be happy to help you.  Call us at 613 233-4529.

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