Ontario Woman Awarded $59,935 In Housekeeping Damages Following Car Accident

As your personal injury lawyer, we will often advance a claim for lost housekeeping capacity after a serious accident.  Here is what happened in a recent Toronto personal injury case.

A woman was injured after the car she was driving was struck by another vehicle. As a result of the accident, she suffered from chronic pain, fibromyalgia, depression and anxiety.

Before the accident, she had been working full-time at numerous jobs, earning anywhere from $7.50 and $14 an hour. She also did the bulk of the housework at home.

Following the accident, she experienced pain but was still able to perform most of her household responsibilities. She did have to rely heavily on housekeeping which was provided by her family.

The trial judge informed the jury that past housekeeping inefficiency damages were related to the woman’s inability to perform her housekeeping functions as well as she could prior to the accident.

The jury awarded the woman past housekeeping inefficiency damages of $5,000, past lost housekeeping capacity damages of $10,400 and future lost housekeeping capacity damages of $44,535, for a total of $59,935.

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