Ontario Car Accident- Justin Bieber’s Grandparents Injured in Single Vehicle Accident

Canadian musician Justin Bieber’s grandfather Bruce Dale was sent to hospital with broken ribs after rolling his SUV off a highway and into a ditch.   Justin Bieber’s grandmother Diane Dale was a passenger in the Hyundai Santa Fe which slid off a slippery road in Stratford, Ontario.   Mrs. Dale suffered a broken finger.

By all accounts, there were no other vehicles involved in the accident which was blamed on Ontario winter driving conditions.

Wondering about the insurance implications of this single vehicle accident?  Because the accident was in Ontario, both of Justin Bieber’s grandparents would be eligible for statutory accident benefits to cover their medical rehabilitation expenses and certain other losses.

Passengers in a single car accident sometimes sue the driver who caused the accident, even if the driver is the passenger’s spouse.  This is common where the driver was negligent and where the passenger’s injuries pass the Ontario threshold.

In the event that the roadway was not properly maintained and the lack of proper maintenance caused or contributed to the accident, Justin Bieber’s grandparents could consider suing the municipality or provincial entity responsible for the roadway maintenance.

We wish The Biebs’ grandparents a speedy recovery.  If you have a question about a single vehicle roll over accident, call our firm at 613 233-4529.

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