Need to Show the Insurance Company You are No Sucker?


Let’s face it. No matter how smart you are, unless you:

a) Went to law school; and
b) Dedicate most of your time to practicing personal injury law

the insurance adjuster on your file probably knows more about processing a personal injury claim that you do.

Ontario insurance adjusters literally handle hundreds of motor vehicle accidents or sip and fall accident cases at a time. They know the language. They know what you are entitled to. You don’t!

When you handle your case on your own, you send a clear message: You are not going to trial. As soon as the insurance company knows that, they know they don’t have to pay you top dollar. You have no leverage.

Get the leverage you need to show that you mean business. Hire the experienced and reputable Ottawa law at Auger Hollingsworth and send a clear message. You are no sucker. You demand fair compensation.

Call our personal injury law firm today for a free no obligation consultation. We’re at 613-233-4529.

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