Motor Vehicle Accident Case Study: Stephen


Stephen, a husband and father in his late 20s, had been drinking at a bar with a friend. Afterwards, he got in the car with his friend. His friend was intoxicated and crashed the car into a cement wall. When police arrived, they found Stephen bleeding profusely. He showed signs of facial trauma and a broken leg. The ambulance rushed him to the trauma centre.

Stephen’s Traumatic Injuries

Stephen required 15 hours of surgery and remained in intensive care for almost 3 weeks. Stephen suffered many serious injuries and was diagnosed with cognitive communication deficit. Stephen needed multiple therapies and rehab and was referred to an acquired brain injury clinic.

How Our Firm Helped Stephen

A colleague of Stephen’s wife recommended us to Stephen. Stephen contacted our firm while he was still in the rehab centre.

Our team ensured that Stephen’s Statutory Accident Benefit Claim was started and that he was labeled as catastrophically injured. We assembled a rehab team to prepare Stephen for his eventual discharge. We ensured that his home could accommodate his injuries. With our help, all of Stephen’s care was funded through his Statutory Accident Benefits.

Stephen’s Lawsuit

Stephen did not have car insurance to cover the loss, but our team located an insurance policy that followed the owner of the vehicle. We also sued the bar that overserved Stephen and the driver. The case proceeded to examination for discovery. Our team helped Stephen prepare for this. Stephen went to a neuropsychologist for an opinion of his recovery and a prognosis. This report supported that he was unlikely to be competitively employable.

The case did not resolve at mediation; the gap was too wide. Our lawyers continued to fight for Stephen. We ultimately achieved a seven-figure settlement that would provide him with the security he and his family needed.

Long-Term Disability

The Long-Term Disability company cut Stephen off its benefit after Stephen enrolled in school as part of his rehab program. Our firm sued the company, and the claim settled successfully for a lump sum.

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