If I sign a release after my Ottawa accident, can I still sue?

Ontario Lawyer — If you were involved in an Ottawa accident, you may have heard about a document called release of liability. Signing a release of liability after an Ottawa accident means that you settle your case out of court and that you will be unable to sue for the same accident in the future. A release of liability is usually signed in order to avoid going to court.

In many cases, the person who is not at fault will agree to settle out of court, if a fair settlement is found. When a release of liability is signed, the person who is not at fault receives money and gives up their right to sue. A release of liability is seen as a resolution to the case, since financial compensation is given and the case remains out of the courts.

While a release of liability is often a good way to resolve a personal injury case due to a car accident or slip and fall, there can also be drawbacks and risks. Before signing a release, make sure that you consider all of the pros and cons of doing so. In addition, seeking the advice of a personal injury lawyer will help you to decide if signing a release of liability is the best course of action for your particular case.

Some of the potential drawbacks of signing a release of liability may include:

– the amount of money received may not cover all medical costs
– the settlement may not cover loss of wages
– there is often no recourse available if the injuries are later found to be worse than first diagnosed

The details of your case will determine if these or other drawbacks exist so it is best to speak with a lawyer experienced in dealing with these situations. While you are unable to sue after signing a release of liability, it may be a good option for your case. Before making a decision either way, speak with a personal injury lawyer who can offer you the guidance you need.

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