How to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents and Injuries

How to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents and Injuries

Every year in Ottawa and throughout Ontario there are hundreds of motorcycle accidents.  Many of these accidents result in serious injury and some are even fatal.  Many of these accidents and injuries are avoidable.  Knowledge and prevention are key tools in remaining safe when riding a motorcycle.

Reasons for Reported Motorcycle Accidents in Ontario

  • Speeding/riding too fast for conditions
  • Helmet was not being worn
  • Loss of control
  • Under 25 years of age
  • Single vehicle collisions

The Ministry of Transportation ofOntariomonitors and keeps statistics on accidents on its roadways.  It also sets out rules and regulations that are to be followed by all drivers and motorcyclists are not excluded.  Helmets are required by law when riding a motorcycle inOntario, yet 10% of riders who were killed and 15% who were injured were not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident.  Protecting yourself can be the difference between a serious injury or fatal accident.

Suggestions For Motorcycle Riding Protection (MOT)

  • An approved motorcycle helmet
  • Good quality motorcycle riding equipment
  • Wear long sleeved shirts and pants
  • Jackets with protective padding (areas like shoulder and elbows)
  • Wear leather gloves and boots
  • Wear bright colours and reflective clothing

With a little education and good judgement, motorcycle accidents can be greatly reduced and injuries from accidents can be less severe.   Follow all posted traffic signs and keep control of your bike at all times and dress in proper clothing.  Keep your motorcycle in good repair and make sure your insurance is up to date.  Riding can be a most pleasurable hobby and a most enjoyable way to travel.  Do it responsibly and enjoy it.

Contact Auger Hollingsworth for Motorcycle Accident Injuries

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