Hiring an Ontario Personal Injury Lawyer?  Here are 20 Questions to Ask

Lawyer / Firm Track Record & Experience

  1. How long have you been practicing accident and injury law?
  2. What percentage of your practice is devoted to accident and injury law?
  3. How often do you go to court?
  4. How many trials has your firm done?
  5. Have you previously represented people with injuries similar to mine?
  6. Are you a member of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association?
  7. Have you ever represented insurance companies so you understand how they work?
  8. If the insurance carrier doesn’t offer a fair settlement, are you willing to fight for what is fair?
  9. What volunteer work do you do in the community?
  10. If I hire you to handle my case, will you handle it personally — or shuffle it down to a junior lawyer or clerk?
  11. Will you handle my accident benefit case in addition to my claim for damages?(Lawyers Brenda and Richard are very experienced, as well as focused on delivering positive results to their clients. Read about Richard’s positive results and Brenda’s positive results to get a feel for the Auger Hollingsworth law firm’s track record and experience.)

    Important connections & referral network questions

  1. Do you have investigators and expert witnesses who will help in cases with my type of injury?
  2. Can you refer me to a physician who can provide treatment for my injuries?(The lawyers at Auger Hollingsworth are well connected. We have a network of trusted investigators, expert witnesses and doctors for your convenience, support & care, as well as to get you the most compensation for your injuries.)
  3. Initial Consultation, Meetings, Payment & Materials

  4. Will you handle my case on a percentage fee or contingency basis?
  5. Will you discuss my case with me over the telephone? (Richard and Brenda will meet with you in the way that is most convenient for you.)
  6. Will you evaluate my case for me without cost or obligation? (Auger Hollingsworth always offer a free consultation.)
  7. If I can’t come to your office, will you come to my home or office?(We will.)
  8. Will you send me a free Injured Victim’s Guide to Fair Compensation?(We will.  Just fill out the form on this website or call 1-888-574-4529)
  9. Will you send me free educational materials about injury cases?
  10. Can you provide services in French? (We can./ Nous pouvons.)

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