Had an Ottawa Accident? Remember, Honesty is the Best Policy

Ottawa Lawyer:  If you have had a serious Ottawa accident, no matter what, do not exaggerate your losses in terms of pain and suffering or in terms of out-of-pocket expenses.  To do so is the kiss of death for your case.  You effectively play into the insurance company’s premise that all claimants are fraudsters.  Your personal injury lawyer may well drop your case if you are caught in a lie.

In our Ottawa accident claim law office, we repeatedly tell our clients that their number one job is to get better and to return, to the greatest extent possible, to their pre-accident condition.   That means admitting when your injuries improve and to what extent.  That means admitting that you had a good time on your family vacation that took place after the accident.

Will making this type of admission reduce your settlement or jury award?  Yes, it may.

However, your settlement or jury award may be zero if a jury is confronted with a photo of you grinning, sipping a Pina Colada on the beach if you have just stated that you took no vacations since the accident.

And speaking of honesty, it is also extremely harmful to your injury case to hide past accidents or past injuries.  Your history comes out in the wash when you pursue an accident settlement, with or without a lawyer.  A claimant who is not credible has very little bargaining power.

On the same note, if you are making an income loss claim, your past income tax returns will be relevant and will likely be produced.  If your tax returns are not pristine, that can be a problem.  Consider fixing any tax issues before embarking on settlement negotiations if possible.  Use a reliable, credible professional for this purpose.

Consider meeting with an experienced personal injury lawyer to determine if you have properly detailed all of your losses.  The lawyers at Ottawa law firm Auger Hollingsworth would be happy to meet with you to discuss your claim for fair compensation.  Use our contact form to request a free consultation.

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