Game Changer! How a Free Consultation with Auger Hollingsworth Could Transform Your Life Forever

We get asked why we still offer free consultations to accident victims after all these years. Don’t lawyers charge $300-400 per hour?

Here is why we do it. Every month we get a number of calls from accident victims who settled their case on their own and accepted too little compensation.

Why did they do that?

  • They didn’t know what they were entitled to
  • They didn’t understand the value of their case
  • They didn’t know what questions to ask the insurance company
  • And more!

When that money is gone and the pain is still there, the do-it-themselvers want to know if their case can be re-opened. In most instances, the answer is no. Settled is settled is settled.

By offering free consultations we help people to avoid this problem. We avoid having to deliver the bad news that they are stuck with the bad deal.

Have the consultation! In just a single hour you can avoid most of the accident victim pitfalls, even if you never hire a lawyer!

Change the game. Call Auger Hollingsworth today at 613-233-4529. Book your free consultation this week with a leading Ottawa personal injury lawyer.

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