Fractures after a Serious Ottawa Motor Vehicle Accident

If you have suffered a fracture after a serious Ottawa motor vehicle accident, you will likely have ca claim for pain and suffering against the driver who caused the accident.  This is true regardless of whether you were a passenger, cyclist or another driver.

Call Brenda Hollingsworth at 613 860-4529 to discuss how our law firm can help you get what you need after a fracture.  You may be entitled to:

  • payment for crutches, casts and other medical devices you need;
  • payment for physiotherapy and other non-OHIP covered treatment you require;
  • payment to compensate for pain and suffering;
  • payment to cover for your lost wages;
  • payment to cover the housekeeping expenses you incur because you are injured.

This is only a partial list of how Brenda Hollingsworth’s office can help you after a serious Ottawa Motor Vehicle Accident where you suffer a fracture.

For more information on how we can help you, call 613 860-4529 to schedule an appointment.  Want to meet in person?  If you have a broken leg or ankle, we can certainly come to you.  Our office is also fully wheelchair / walker accessible and there is parking right by the front door.

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