Driving Anxiety After My Ottawa Car Accident

The screech of tires, the sound of metal hitting metal, the echo of shattering glass, the smell of burnt rubber from hastily braked tires… the aftermath of your Ottawa car accident involves much more than just the physical scars. The memories of a traumatic collision can haunt victims leaving them fearful or even unable to drive. Even being a passenger in a car can cause physical reactions and mental stress. Overcoming accident-related anxiety depends on your ability to recognize the signs, get help, and receive treatment that will allow you to live your life to the fullest once again.

Feeling depressed, lost, and jumpy are all signs of anxiety, as are insomnia, irritability, and flashbacks. When these symptoms are triggered or exacerbated whenever the patient thinks about being in a vehicle or attempts to drive, it’s easy to pinpoint what’s causing the stress. People with driving anxiety may experience a rapid pulse rate along with sweating and trembling at the thought of driving or being in a moving car. To avoid a future filled with fear and public transportation, seeing a qualified neuropsychologist or psychiatrist who can properly assess your disability and help formulate a treatment plan is absolutely essential.

Different kinds of therapy can be effective in treating anxiety disorders:

  • Behavioral therapy focuses on reinforcing positive behaviors and eliminating negative ones in order to achieve a lasting change in behavior.
  • Exposure therapy introduces patients to the source of their anxiety in a controlled, safe manner. The goal is to change the perception of danger that activity holds for the patient. For those with driving anxiety, this could mean driving classes or relaxation techniques.
  • Virtual reality therapy is an emerging technique using virtual imaging devices to expose the patient to relevant stimuli and gauge the subsequent reactions. For example, a movie that emulates a driver’s view of the road could reacclimatize them to the sights and sounds of the road – in a safe and controlled manner.

As scary and debilitating as driving anxiety after your Ottawa car accident can initially be, there is help. You can drive again, and without the fear you may be currently experiencing.

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