Does Ontario have No-fault Car Accidents?

A well-educated woman came into our personal injury law office office today to ask about her Ottawa car accident that happened almost two years ago.  I asked her why she waited until just before the limitation period expired.  It is much more difficult to pull the case together at the last minute.  Her answer surprised me.

She explained that she has been receiving “no fault” accident benefits from her own car insurer since the accident.  She assumed that by accepting the accident benefits, that meant she could not sue.  The various form letters she received from the insurance company reinforced her belief that she could not sue.

In fact, lawsuits by injured victims against the at fault drivers in motor vehicle accidents are exceedingly common in Ontario and are certainly allowed.  As long as your case meets the “threshold”, you can sue for pain and suffering, certain medical expenses, loss of past and future income, family law act damages and many other types of damages.

Don’t assume you know what the “threshold” is or how it applies to your case.  Take advantage of the free consultation offered by most Ottawa personal injury lawyers to learn about whether your case meets the test for claiming damages in Ontario.

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