Do you have long COVID-19? What you need to know about making a claim.

With the recent Ontario government announcement that PCR tests will only be available to certain groups, people fearing they may contract long COVID-19 may be discouraged – but they shouldn’t be.

True, some insurers are denying claims for inability to work, citing a lack of proof that the patient contracted COVID-19. (Those insurers are increasingly finding themselves the subject of lawsuits by people who have not only suffered lasting effects but have had financial hardship as a result. You read about that here:

Yet when it comes to launching a disability claim, the issue isn’t whether a patient has a positive PCR test, but what an assessment of their condition shows about their ability to earn a living.

In other words, like any other disability claim, the first step is to get a medical assessment of the conditions disabling you from work. Keep a journal of symptoms, maintain a record of receipts, and note all your medical expenses.

And more than anything, contact your team at Auger Hollingsworth so we can assess your case and get you the help you need.

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