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Have you been denied disability insurance benefits?

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At Auger Hollingsworth, our disability lawyers regularly help clients get the disability insurance benefits they are entitled to.  Where appropriate, we will also bring a legal action (lawsuit) against the insurance company to claim your benefits, including any arrears (back pay) you may be owed.

We help people who have been denied:

Disability Lawyer Near You

Wondering where to find “the best disability lawyers near me”? You’ve come to the right place! We’ll come to your home or to the hospital to meet with you without any obligation.  We can accommodate you by telephone as well. If you prefer to meet us in person, we have 4 locations in the Ottawa area. Let us know what office is near you and we’ll do our best to accommodate. With Auger Hollingsworth, help after a disability denial is always nearby!

How to Appeal Insurance Claim Denial?

We can help you regardless of whether you have a private disability insurance policy or are part of a group disability policy through your workplace benefits.

We can help you determine:

  • If you qualify for disability benefits under the wording of your insurance policy;
  • If it makes sense to conduct an internal appeal of a denial of your benefits; and
  • If pursuing a lawsuit is your best option after your benefits are denied.

Want more information about your rights and entitlements after a denial of your Disability Benefits?  Call Auger Hollingsworth at 613 -233-4529 for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Am I Entitled to LTD Benefits?

You are entitled to Long Term Disability Benefits if you meet the test for “disability” that applies in your specific situation.  That test is found in the written insurance policy (contract).

Although many insurance companies use similar tests for disability in their policies, to figure out if you are entitled to benefits, you have to look at your own policy.

Once you know what disability test applies to you, you have to determine if the medical evidence you have shows that you meet that test.  Do the documents you have gathered PROVE that you meet the test?

Sometimes, doctors and other health care providers are vague or rushed when they complete disability certificates for insurance companies.  Make sure you get a look at what the doctor has written.  Look at it as if you were a stranger.   Ask yourself:

  • Does what is written sound to you like it is enough to meet the disability test?
  • Have all of your medical problems– physical, mental, psychological– been identified in the form?  If not, ask your doctor to add them.
  • Does the doctor’s form spell out why you are disabled from your job?

Sometimes, your family doctor will not feel comfortable or qualified to provide an opinion on your disability or prognosis (how long it will last).  If that is the case, ask your doctor to refer you to a specialist in your field of disability.  If you are worried about meeting the insurance company’s deadlines, tell the insurance company that you are waiting to see a specialist who will answer their questions.

If the disability test that applies to you considers your “own occupation”, it can also be helpful to bring your doctor a job description.  That way, he or she will understand what tasks you have to do in a typical day.  It can be very helpful if your doctor can identify specific job duties that you are not capable of completing.

Increase your chances of getting LTD benefits on the first try! 

What Our Clients Say

“Jessica was empathetic, understanding and able to advocate on our behalf. The process is really difficult to go through and can be exceptionally emotionally draining. Jessica was very easy to work with and really cared about getting what we deserved. We really appreciate everything that she’s done for us! Thank you, Jessica! Colleen and Angela”

Rating: 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Colleen Accettura
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See lawyers Richard Auger and Brenda Hollingsworth talk to Jeff Hopper about your right to disability insurance in this video.

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