Can I Sue after an Ottawa Dog Bite? Ottawa Lawyer

Ottawa Lawyer– Personal injury cases usually involve situations where an individual suffers an injury due to a slip and fall, a car accident or similar event, but you may be surprised to know that dog bites can also be legally pursued as personal injury cases.  This depends on the circumstances of the bite and an experienced Ottawa personal injury lawyer can advise you in your particular situation.  In general though, an individual who suffers significant injury due to a dog bite may be entitled to compensation.

In Ontario, the Dog Owner’s Liability Act outlines the legal aspects of owning a dog, including what happens when a dog bites someone.  Generally the liability falls upon the dog owner; however, sometimes the person who was bitten may share the liability.  For example, if an individual provoked the dog they may be considered partly responsible for the dog biting them.  Similarly, if the injured person is a minor and their guardian, or the person responsible for watching over them, was not properly supervising, the guardian may also be held liable for the incident.

If it is concluded that the dog’s owner is fully liable, usually payment for the damages is covered under their home insurance.  In this case, the insurance company would handle the payment of compensation.  Again, the particular circumstances of the case will determine if and how compensation is awarded.

If you are bitten by a dog and are injured because of it, make sure to get the name of the dog’s owner.  This could be easy if the owner is present, or if you are bitten in your neighbourhood where you can easily locate the dog’s home, but it could also be difficult if you are bitten in a public area.  It may take some work, but finding out who the dog belongs to is key to pursuing your case since the owner’s name is essential for filing a claim for damages and receiving compensation.  An experienced personal injury lawyer can help you with the details of your case and in determining if you are entitled to compensation.

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