Auger Hollingsworth’s Leading Lawyers Chosen Among Ottawa Life Magazine Top 25 People in the Capital

This month Brenda Hollingsworth and Richard Auger were featured in Ottawa Life Magazine’s Special Issue on The Top 25 People in the Capital. These leading lawyers even came in at number 2! Here’s what features writer Marie Waine had to say:

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Brenda Hollingsworth & Richard Auger: Legal Power Couple

Brenda Hollingsworth and Richard Auger are the power couple that make up Auger Hollingsworth, Ottawa’s personal injury law firm. The two met in law school and have been inseparable ever since. It was a natural decision to open up a law firm together. “We are a husband and wife law team,” says Hollingsworth. “There can be strain of what direction the firm should go in, but we work from the same pot so we are always watching out for each other. It’s a very nice way to practice.” And that practice has been booming. Over the last year, Auger Hollingsworth has grown, opening up a second location in the downtown Ottawa core. The firm has also welcomed two new associate lawyers. Hollingsworth says she hopes to add one or two more in the next year. “We are in expansion and growth mode,” she says. “It is a big time for us.” If this is not enough, the firm is also in the midst of becoming a paperless law firm, increasing the use of technology to improve client services. One of the client services Auger Hollingsworth prides itself on the most is its education-based marketing technique. The firm has published multiple books people can order for free off of the firm’s web site. “A lot of people don’t need a lawyer,” says Hollingsworth. “They just need some help and information.” She says providing free legal resources helps differentiate the couple’s law firm from others in the city. “People don’t usually associate lawyer with free,” she says. “It’s our way of giving back. From a business perspective, it’s good and from a community service perspective, it’s good.”

Read the rest of the article in Ottawa Life Magazine’s September/October Issue  .

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