Amusement Park Injuries

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Getting Health Care after An Accident Out of Ontario

It’s almost March Break!  After the winter we’ve had, who wouldn’t want to get out of dodge and onto some sunny tropical island.  It is time for vacation.   The living is easy….until…uh oh… you have had an accident while on vacation outside Ontario.

  • Get Appropriate Medical Care

Naturally, you will want to get medical care immediately.  Do you have proper travel health insurance?  The Government of Ontario warns Ontario residents that there is “very limited” coverage for out of country health care.

OHIP does not pay for out of country ambulance services, transportation costs or drugs or prescriptions.

  • Hopefully, You were Vigilant About What Travel Insurance You Selected

Make sure you understand the terms and conditions of the travel health insurance you have purchased.  In particular, be aware of the effect of any pre-existing health conditions on your coverage.  For example, if you have a pre-existing health condition that requires medical care while you are out of Ontario, you may have trouble securing coverage if the policy you purchased excludes pre-existing conditions.

Coverage varies a lot from between different insurers.  Different insurers may also have different levels of coverage.  Spend some time investigating what you need before selecting your travel insurer.

Finally, injuries from some high risk or extreme sports may not be covered in your travel health insurance.  Check the fine print before you get on that zip line.

  • Can’t Find Appropriate Medical Care?

If you have difficulty finding appropriate medical care, the Canadian embassy, consulate or High Commission can help.   They can provide you with information about medical care in the area, help you arrange for a medical evacuation, help you contact your family, etc.  However, they cannot pay for your medical care.

If you have had an accident while on vacation out of Ontario, claiming compensation is tricky and almost always will require the assistance of a lawyer to help you figure out where to claim and against whom.  The lawyers at Auger Hollingsworth would be pleased to assist you at this difficult time.  Call us today at 613 -233-4529.


Ottawa Lawyer: Ottawa Amusement Park Injuries

Ottawa Amusement Park Injuries

As Ottawa personal injury lawyers who also like to have fun, we know it is a drag to talk about injuries at amusement parks.  However, they are a reality.  Would you know what to do if you or a loved one were injured in an accident at an amusement park or Ontario water park?

Here are some things to consider:

After an accident at a midway or waterpark, you should ensure that you obtain the name of the ride that caused the injury.  If you are physically able, or if there is a friend who can assist, ask to see the information about the ride which should include its official name and age.

Try to get the ride operators’ names as well as their manager’s name.

Request the opportunity to complete an incident report and get a copy for yourself.  You may not have a photocopier but you probably have a camera on your cell phone. See if you can snap a legible picture of the key parts of the form.

Get a photo of the ride.  If there is a missing piece, protrusion or anything else that is visible and was related to the accident, try to get a picture of that.

Were there witnesses to the accident?  Get names, addresses and telephone numbers.

Many times, accident victims are embarrassed and are tempted to simply say they are “okay” and leave as quickly as possible.  Resist this urge and take the steps outlined above.

Need more information?  Here is a link to our article on Ottawa amusement park injuries.