Accident Benefit Fraud Ring Detected in Ontario

Ontario Accident Lawyer-  Ontario insurance fraud detectors have uncovered a ring of 40 fake accidents resulting in over $10 million in fake accident benefit claims and related insurance claims,  according to the Globe and Mail.   Staged accidents, primarily in Toronto, as well as the alleged participation of various medical clinics who submitted false treatment plans were key elements in the fraud.

All residents of Ontario should be very concerned about this type of fraud.  Most obviously, it results in higher premiums for all since the added cost of these false claims is spread among all premium payers.  However, we should also all be aware that insurance companies use instances of fraud as an excuse to reduce benefits offered to honest injured people who need them.   One of the justifications used for the major reduction in accident benefits effective September 1, 2010 was fraud.  (No it is not logical, but it is the excuse used on a regular basis).

Protect  access to accident benefits for all who are injured and need them.  If you suspect someone is receiving benefits as a result of a staged or fake accident, call the insurance fraud hotline at 1-877-IBC-TIPS.

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