6 Ways to Stay Safe While Playing Sports

Playing sports is a great way to stay fit and have fun. Make sure your exercise routine stays that way by preventing injuries before they happen.

Warm up

Before you begin the game, start off with a good stretch. Stretching will help increase blood flow and get your muscles ready to work.

Don’t play when injured

Playing when injured often makes your injury worse. Most players know not to play when injured, but issues occur when a player thinks they are fully healed and ready to go when actually they are still recovering. When in doubt, wait an extra week or so before getting back in the game.

Wear protective gear

In certain sports, wearing a helmet or protective gear is an obvious move. Above that, when you wear a helmet make sure it is the right size, and the right type for the sport you are playing. Ski helmets won’t work as well as bike helmets if you’re biking, and vice versa. Wearing the proper helmet will help avoid head injuries.

Know your ability level

In many downhill sports, injuries occur when participants go way above their ability level. When first starting a sport, begin with baby steps. Losing control on the hills poses the risk of you getting hurt, as well as the possibility of hurting others if there is a collision.

Get enough rest

When we’re tired, our minds drift and we lose our ability to stay alert. With sports that involve control such as skiing and snowboarding, a lack of alertness can cause serious injuries and accidents.

Get concussions cleared by your doctor

Concussions are more common in sports with lots of physical contact. If you think you’ve had a concussion, you should never get back on the field until you have been cleared by a doctor. Suffering from a concussion increases your risk of doing so again.

With all sports injuries, going to see your doctor is the best first step. In the meantime, keep the acronym RICE in mind for all injuries.

Rest the injured part
Ice the injury
Compress the injured part with a bandage
Elevate the injured part with a pillow

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