4 True Facts About Ontario Insurance Claims After a Car Accident

1. An Ottawa auto accident claim is not a get rich quick scheme. Awards of money for pain and suffering are very modest in Ontario. The most severe injuries (think quadriplegia or the worst brain injury) will receive less than $350,000 for pain and suffering. Sometimes injured victims receive very large, even multi-million dollar awards. However, when that is the case, it is because they cannot work (loss of income) or have extra-ordinary future care costs.

2. Some bad drivers need to be held accountable. While many people who cause an Ontario accident are normally careful drivers who were temporarily negligent, there are some drivers who cause multiple accidents; have many driving infractions etc. A law suit is one way to send the message that unsafe driving is not okay.

3. Most Ontario car accident law suits are totally legitimate and deserving. The insurance industry likes to talk about fraud. While there are fraudsters out there, as in any industry, the number of fake claims is significantly overstated.

4. Ontario Car Accident Victims Suffer. Whether it is chronic pain, broken bones, psychological illness or brain injury, car accident victims’ lives are often fundamentally and permanently changed. Monetary compensation is no substitute for their old lives, but, it is hoped that it will provide some solace.

If you have questions about bringing a lawsuit following an Ontario car accident, contact the lawyers at Auger Hollingsworth Professional Corp. at 613 233-4529. We are here to help.

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