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July 2011

Does Your Ontario Car Insurance Protect You in a Bike Accident?

Most cyclists probably don’t think about the need for insurance in the event that they get into an accident with a motor vehicle.  In fact, it is very important to have the appropriate automobile insurance if you plan on cycling regularly.  Car insurance is what will protect you if you [...]

Traumatic Brain Injury After a Bicycle Accident

While many Ottawa bicycle accidents result in minor injuries such as sprained wrists, road rash and scrapes and bruises, some cyclists can be seriously injured.  If a cyclist is in an accident with a motor vehicle they can sustain severe and potentially life-threatening injuries.  It is important to be aware [...]

Ottawa Police Crack Down on various traffic violations

As a means to crackdown on impaired driving and to enforce safe cycling, this past June the Ottawa police ran a program called the Selective Traffic Enforcement Program.  This program involved an increased focus on enforcing safe driving and cycling and resulted in approximately 450 charges being laid.  Of these [...]

By |July 22, 2011|Blog|

Spinal Cord Injury After an Ontario Bicycle Accident

One of the most serious injuries an Ottawa cyclist can sustain is spinal cord injury.  Like head trauma, damage to the spinal cord is severe and can certainly be life-altering.  Because the spinal cord is responsible for transmitting signals from the brain to the body, and vice-versa, damage to the spinal [...]

Should I hire a personal injury lawyer for my Ontario bicycle accident case?

Some Ottawa bicycle accidents are minor, resulting in a few scrapes and bruises.  In these cases, there is generally no reason to pursue legal action.  However, if your injuries are serious and have the potential to cost you thousands of dollars, you should seriously think about hiring a personal injury [...]

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