Will you take my Ottawa accident case on a contingency basis?

Ottawa Lawyer — For many of our Ottawa personal injury clients, we will accept their case on a contingency basis.  Taking a case on contingency means that the lawyer’s fees are contingent (or dependent) on the outcome of the case.  This means that if the client does not recover anything, neither does the lawyer.  If the case is successful and the client receives financial compensation, the lawyer’s fee is calculated as a percentage of the settlement or judgement.

Most of our Ontario personal injury cases are accepted on a contingency basis.  This is what we call our “no fee guarantee”.  If we do not win your case and you do not receive compensation, we do not receive a fee.  Although this is what most clients choose, we will consider working on your case at an hourly rate if that is what you prefer.  This means that we would receive a set fee for every hour we spend working on your case.

Most Ottawa personal injury clients choose the contingency arrangement because they cannot afford to pay a lawyer an hourly rate.  For many individuals, experiencing an accident and suffering an injury are already difficult and often expensive.  Paying a personal injury lawyer an hourly rate is often not practical.  The contingent fee arrangement can work in the interest of the client because they are not required to pay unless they receive a settlement from the insurance company.  You can contact us to discuss your options and to arrange the method of payment you prefer.

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