What you need to know about Ontario bicycle laws

ONTARIO ACCIDENT LAWYER – If you have recent been in an Ontario bicycle accident, you likely have many questions about where to go from here.  You may be asking yourself, “who is at fault for the accident?”, “which laws apply to my situation?”, “how do I go about seeking legal help?”  The laws regarding bicycles and bicycle accidents in Ontario come from a few different sources and it can be difficult for an individual to understand the legal issues of their particular situation.  We want to help you understand bicycle laws and avoid making the mistakes of either assuming you have no legal case, or hiring a lawyer without much thought because you want to quickly pursue legal action.  The following will go over the basics of bicycle law in order to help you become informed.  While this does not replace personal legal advice, it is a good place to start.Ottawa Bike Accident Book

A variety of legislation regulates the laws regarding bicycles and cyclists in Ottawa.  Municipal bylaws such as the Highway Traffic Act, as well as the City of Ottawa Traffic and Parking Bylaws and the National Capital Commission Traffic and Property Regulations all contain provisions regarding bicycles and cyclists.  Also in some circumstances, certain sections of the Criminal Code of Canada can apply to cyclists.

All of these sources make one thing clear: bicycles are considered vehicles in Ontario.  This means that they are subject to the same Ontario traffic laws as motor vehicles.  You likely already know most of the traffic laws that motor vehicles have to obey but it is an altogether different thing to know how to follow these laws while on a bicycle.  When cycling, remember that you are considered a vehicle and make sure that you obey all of the traffic laws (for example, stopping at a stop sign, signalling when turning, riding in the appropriate lane, shoulder checks, etc.)

If you are a cyclist, it would be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the laws that govern bicycles and cyclists.  You can find the legislation mentioned above at the following website: www.elaws.gov.on.ca.  You can get an overview of most applicable laws in our new book, Spinning Out of Control.  Take a few moments to look at the laws about cyclists so that you can be better equipped to ride safely.  And if you do get into an accident while cycling, you will already have an idea about the legal issues that might be at play in your case.

For more information about the legal issues of your particular case, contact the personal injury lawyers at Auger Hollingsworth for a free consultation.  You can reach us at 613 233-4529.

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