What If I Don’t Agree with My Lawyer?

Ottawa Lawyer-  Sometimes a lawyer and a client disagree about a decision to be made on a case.  It could be about a small detail, like the timing of a motion or discoveries.  Or the disagreement could be more fundamental, such as the value of the case or the amount to offer to settle the case.  Clients sometimes worry that they cannot disagree with their lawyer without risking the lawyer walking away from the case.

The lawyer’s job is to give the best advice that she can give to the client.  However, the decisions to be made on the case are the clients’ decisions, not the lawyer’s.  As the client, you have right to call the shots and the lawyer’s job is to implement those decisions, subject to the lawyer’s ethical and legal obligations.

As the decision maker, the client has the obligation to voice his or her opinions and speak up if he or she has comments or questions about the steps being proposed in the case.  Ultimately, the client’s job is to give clear instructions on all important decisions.

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