Update: Transportation Safety Board says bus in VIA rail train collision was travelling over the speed limit

Investigations by the Transportation Safety Board into the OC Transpo bus that collided with a VIA Rail train last September in Ottawa killing 6 and injuring others have found that the bus was travelling over the speed limit at the time of the crash. Aside from speed, it was also found that the driver may have been looking at a monitor at the time of the accident, and was possibly distracted. The Transportation Safety Board has said that the bus was in working order at the time, but that breaks were only first applied 2 seconds before the accident.

The report states that there are many monitor screens in the driver’s cockpit, and though drivers are told not to stare at them, even glancing at them shortly can take their attention off the road. It is thought that glances to these screens may have been contributing to OC Transpo accidents.

Investigations are still ongoing and the final report will come later. Currently, the Transportation Safety Board is suggesting lowering speed limits near rail crossings and a review of the usage of monitors and screens in the driver’s area.

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