Serious Cyclist Accident Involving Open Car Door

Ottawa Lawyer– Today we delivered a settlement cheque to a cyclist who was injured when a driver opened his door in traffic.  My client struck the open door on his bike and went flying into a street in the Glebe.  Fortunately for my client, there was no on-coming traffic. He suffered a fracture, and has permanent injuries, but for him, life goes on.

Unfortunately, the outcome for Ottawa cyclist Danielle Nacu was not the same.  The tragic fatal accident involving Ms. Nacu in downtown Ottawa on Queen Street near Metcalfe Street on October 11, 2011 is a reminder to all of the importance of looking before you open your car or truck door. This was an entirely avoidable accident that has left many lives shattered.  Accidents caused by the same carelessness happen all the time.

If your loved one has been fatally injured in a cycling accident, there is compensation available to you through the Statutory Accident Benefit regime. If someone else was at fault for the accident, there may also be compensation available through the at fault driver’s insurance. A personal injury lawyer who is experienced dealing with wrongful death claims can assist you
to ensure that you secure all available compensation and reimbursement. The lawyers at Auger Hollingsworth Professional Corporation would be pleased to assist you with your claim.

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