Ottawa Lawyer: What is an MRI?

Ottawa Lawyer: What is an MRI

If you have been in an Ottawa accident, you may be been ordered to have an MRI.  An MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging, is a common medical procedure that is used in order to see internal structures of the body.  They are most often used to determine if the individual has suffered any internal damage to their organs.  After a serious personal injury, external injuries are often visible, but sometimes there is internal damage which is more difficult to be aware of.  An MRI enables doctors to see within a person’s body and assess their medical state more fully.  If you have suffered a significant personal injury such as a motor vehicle accident, your doctor may order an MRI in order to assess any potential internal damage.

MRI uses a powerful magnetic field and radio frequency pulses to make the internal structures of the body, such as organs, bone, and soft tissues, visible on a computer screen.  MRIs can provide a detailed view of the body which is often necessary in order for doctors to determine the extent of the damage, if any.  MRIs are often used in order to achieve a clearer and more detailed view of the body, as compared with x-rays, ultrasounds or CT scans.

As with many medical procedures, individuals can feel anxious or worried, and not sure what to expect.  If your doctor has recommended the use of an MRI for your personal injury, discuss the procedure with them.  This will help you to feel more comfortable and prepared for the procedure.  Just as you would ask your personal injury lawyer questions in order to feel comfortable about how they are handling your case, you want to ensure that you have confidence in your doctor and are prepared for all of the medical treatment they prescribe.

After suffering a serious personal injury, individuals can be overwhelmed with all of the medical and legal jargon and procedures.  In order to minimize your anxiety and to feel at ease, consult a personal injury lawyer who can guide you during the process.  The experience and expertise of a trained injury lawyer will help you to deal with your situation with as little stress as possible.

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