Meet Our Star Associate Lawyer: Calla Rose

Calla Rose August 2021 Newsletter

Associate lawyer, Calla Rose, is a shining example of a woman who embraces the legal profession with determination and zeal. In 2019, while running her busy practice, she went on maternity leave and completed her LLM with top marks during that period. Upon returning to her practice – with no cases at hand – she rebuilt her clientele, negotiated settlements for more than 50 clients and skillfully handled more than 150 files in the pandemic while raising a toddler with limited childcare support. Her outstanding track record to date includes the successful conclusion of several catastrophic claims cases and complex liability cases. Most notably, she advocated for a client’s determination of Catastrophic Impairment (CAT) by her Accident Benefits provider for injuries initially declared minor by her insurer. At the outset of this case, she was a first-year lawyer and, over several years, built the case and secured the funds necessary to fund the client’s recovery.

From volunteering at a local community newspaper and fundraising for the Ottawa Foodbank to volunteering with the Ottawa Sharing and Caring Exchange, Calla Rose has demonstrated the depth of her character with generosity to Ottawa, where she is on the Traffic and Safety Committee for her community association. Her volunteerism spans several key areas of need – food security being at the forefront – but she has also volunteered to help nascent lawyers as a judge in the popular CCLA Law Day for elementary students. She has volunteered and worked pro bono for Reach Canada and contributed countless hours to Ottawa Lawyers Feed the Hungry. Overseas, Calla has also raised money for a women’s shelter in Iceland through a marathon run.

A successful personal injury law practice is based not only on expertise but also on clients’ well-being and satisfaction. Calla takes this approach with grace and ease, building client trust and security through a highly skilled approach to interpersonal communication. She involves clients in every step of the case process, encourages queries and offers them insight and teachable moments throughout. Her approach also involves an admirable level of creative thinking about presenting and strengthening a client’s case.

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