Important Update! Auger Hollingsworth Launches Recovery Mag for Injured Victims

Order Recovery Magazine!

If you’re wondering about getting legal advice, you need this free resource!

Last week Auger Hollingsworth Law Firm launched our own Recovery Mag, a magazine that covers everything you need to know before you get legal advice.
Inside this magazine, you will find information on:

  1.  Auger Hollingsworth and our focus on accident and injury law
  2. The types of cases we handle and past results
  3. Answers to frequently asked questions on personal injury law
  4. What to expect if you become a client and our 13 promises
  5. 10 things we love about being personal injury lawyers
  6. What to look for in a firm
  7. What our clients say – real reviews from real clients!

So stop wondering! Get the information you need to move forward with Recovery Mag. Order your copy here.

Ready to take the next step? Call our offices today at 613-233-4529 to book a free consultation with one of the personal injury lawyers at Auger Hollingsworth.

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