How personal training can be your final step to recovery

This article was kindly contributed by Pat Fleming. Pat Fleming played five years in the CFL with Ottawa, Hamilton and Winnipeg.  He is a Corrective Exercise Specialist, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and a Certified Personal Trainer. His wife Marissa is a Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition and Wellness Specialist and Pre and Post Natal Specialist.   Pat and Marissa are owners of Fleming Fitness, a mobile personal training company that has experience working with injured clientele.

Often times, injuries lead to a deconditioning of the body.  A person may experience weight gain, a decrease in strength and low self-esteem.  After all this, the thought of going to a gym can be intimidating.  Someone who has gone through physiotherapy may be ready to start working out but is worried about re-injuring themselves.  This is where a personal trainer can help.

How the Right Personal Trainer Can Help

Not all trainers have the skills needed to work with injured clients.  No one person’s needs are exactly the same.  An experienced trainer should properly assess a person, look at limitations and create an exercise routine tailored for that client’s specific needs. The wrong fitness program can lead to further injuries, which will make it harder for any person to reach their goals. With the right training, clients should be given the tools to eventually work out safely on their own.

What you can expect from Personal Training

Personal training can work concurrently with chiropractic care, physiotherapy and massage therapy.  The focus of personal training is on many elements of health, including nutrition, strength, endurance, flexibility and balance.  Benefits include weight loss, increased energy, confidence and more.  A personal trainer should train the body as a whole unit rather than isolating parts of the body.  Workouts should incorporate exercises that use more than one muscle at the same time (functional movements) to help make your daily activities easier.  A trainer should also be able to provide up to date certifications and references from past clients.  All your health practitioners, including your personal trainer, should work together to help you get your life back on track.

Why Hire a Mobile Personal Trainer?

  • Save time
  • Workout in the comfort and convenience of your own home
  • See results faster
  • Train Safely
  • Stay Motivated

Motor Vehicle Accident Victims

Motor vehicle accident victims (MVA’s) can get personal training covered through their accident benefits.  The treatment plan must be signed off on by a regulated health care professional.  To learn more about what personal training can do for you, ask your health care professional or contact Fleming Fitness.

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