Driven to Distraction: Distracted Driving Fine to Increase in Ontario

On March 18th the fine for distracted driving will rise from $155 to $280 in an attempt to make drivers focus on the road.

Typing in a quick text while driving may feel innocent, but the reality is that texting can cause serious damage. According to statistics from the Canadian Automobile Association, cell phone usage is the worst offender when it comes to car accidents. More specifically, texting, or sending text messages, makes it 23 times more likely that you’ll cause a crash, and is even deadlier than drunk driving. The potential severity of distracted driving makes it surprising that the current fine is only $155, but on March 18th that’s all going to change.

Next month we will seen the fine for distracted driving in Ontario rise from $155 to $280. This fine increase of more than $100 will hopefully deter drivers from pulling out their cell phones while on the road, but many argue that a fine is not enough. According to the Globe and Mail, the provincial government is also considering using demerit points in the future in an attempt to get drivers to focus on the road.

To learn more, watch personal injury lawyer Brenda Hollingsworth discuss the impact of distracted driving on CTV Ottawa Morning Live.

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