Drive Safe Over the Holidays

The winter holidays are a time for love, laughter, celebration and salutations. It is the most joyous and festive time of year, but for drivers in Ontario it can be the most dangerous and disastrous.












Impaired Driving

Impaired driving is dangerous in any season, but add in difficult winter road conditions and you have a recipe for disaster. Not only must we face the snow, slush, and ice-covered roads, but many drivers are unaware even the slightest drink of alcohol will effect their reaction time, meaning even more accidents are likely to occur.

When we think about impaired driving we tend to imagine the stereotype of someone falling down drunk, slurring words, bobbling keys and getting into a car.  But in the majority of cases, it is usually people who have consumed two or more glasses and are just slightly over the legal (0.08) amount. We have had many cases where someone had drank throughout the evening, went to bed around midnight, drove into work that morning, were stopped at a R.I.D.E program and blew over the legal limit.

Please be safe over the winter holidays. If you have had any alcohol to drink, or had any marijuana- do not drive.

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