Double Whammy! What are the Implications of Double Accidents in Ontario?

One accident is bad enough, but imagine having two accidents in a row! Back-to-back accidents are unfortunately common. Often what occurs is you have one car accident, and while your lawsuit is progressing you have another.

To make matters worse, the law is not very generous to people who have had double accidents. Even though you may have not have caused either accident, there is still a negative impact on how much you will be compensated.

Double the Accidents; Double the Deductible

When you are in an accident your insurance has a $30,000 deductible if your pain and suffering is deemed worth less than $100,000, which is quite often the case. This means that if your pain is worth $99,999, now you are down to $69,999.

When you have a double accident everything doubles. So your pain might double, but it also means you have double the deductible. Instead of getting $69,999, now when the $30,000 deductible is doubled to $60,000 you end up getting $39,999.

Ultimately, this means that double-accident victims are getting penalized even though they may not have been the at-fault driver. Luckily, this can be negotiated in a settlement situation. Also, if the second accident is minor and only causes a flair-up make sure to tell your lawyer about it.

To learn more about double accidents, watch Brenda Hollingworth discuss what occurs when you have two accidents in a row on CTV Morning Live.

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