Do Insurance Companies in Ottawa Assume I am Faking My Injuries?

A few months ago Brenda received a great question on CTV Morning’s Ask the Expert.

Question: “I was in a motor vehicle accident almost six months ago, and am still struggling with mild injuries remaining, as well as mental health issues. How do I claim these repercussions properly? Will this be questioned?”

Answer: This is not a situation to be afraid of. At the six month point, you’re not out of time to make a claim and it is actually quite smart in some circumstances to wait a little bit to find out the full extent of your injuries.

To answer the other part of your question, it is the insurance company’s job to probe at your claim to make sure that stories match up. Going through this probing process does not mean that the insurance companies think you are faking your injuries, but rather that they need to investigate how much the case is worth. When you hire a personal injury law firm such as Auger Hollingsworth we will also do our own investigation on your behalf.

During the insurance agency’s investigation they will send you to be reviewed by their doctors. Almost all of these doctors are honest, and especially in the Ottawa region. Actually, the reports they make often help your case, as most of the doctors are very fair and reasonable.

As for mental health, it’s important to know that about 80% of our personal injury clients have mental health issues. After suffering a life-altering injury, this makes a lot of sense. You’ve been through something that is often very hard to deal with. Do not be nervous about mental health issues, this is definitely not a reason to not come forward. There is compensation for mental health problems so go to a doctor as early as possible.

For more information watch Brenda Hollingsworth answer this question on mental health on CTV Morning Live

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