Do I need to see a Medical Specialist After my Ontario Accident?

If you have been injured in an Ontario accident, you have likely seen your family doctor for a medical assessment.  While it is a good idea to visit your general practitioner about your injuries, it is also wise to seek additional medical attention and advice from specialists. If a doctor who specializes in your particular injuries has seen you and diagnosed your injuries, your case will be stronger and more credible.  Generally speaking, your case will likely settle for a higher amount if you have seen an appropriate specialist.

Many injury victims see physiotherapists for rehabilitation for their injuries.  Physiotherapy can be an excellent resource for injured persons and can be of great benefit.  However, records from your physiotherapist are usually not enough to prove that you have a specific injury and the details regarding your injury.  This is because physiotherapists are not able to officially diagnosis an injury.  They are able to treat symptoms and help you recover from your injuries, but their records do not carry the same weight as a medical specialist.

Insurance companies and jurors tend to place more importance on statements and records from medical specialists, rather than those who have helped you in your recovery, such as a physiotherapist.

After seeing your family doctor for your initial medical assessment after your injury, your doctor may refer you to a specialist.  If they do not automatically do so, consider asking them if you could get a referral to an appropriate specialist.  A good general practitioner should be happy to help you find the medical treatment you need, whether that is to receive a second opinion, or because your injuries are so severe that a more specialized doctor is needed.

Regardless of your injuries, seeing a medical specialist, such as a neurologist, surgeon, podiatrist or ophthalmologist, can greatly benefit your case.  Remember that you should receive all of the medical treatment necessary to recover from your injuries and you
want to do all you can to present a strong legal case.

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