A Tribute to Dads

A Tribute to Dads

Honoring Fathers Who Persevere for Their Children

Every client who walks through our door has a story to tell and had a life before an accident changed everything.

This month, and on June 20th in particular, we honour the fathers who have suffered serious injuries but have persevered for the sake of their kids. For example, we think of Carlos who suffered a traumatic brain injury when his vehicle struck a building. A brand-new father, he spent months away from his new baby and wife while he worked on recovery. The family of three spent Baby’s First Christmas in the Ottawa Rehab Centre. Five years later, against all odds, Carlos had a college diploma and a meaningful future thanks in part to his settlement. In large measure, he wanted to be someone for his daughter. And he is. Happy Father’s Day Carlos.

A Father’s Unwavering Dedication

We honour the fathers who have received the unthinkable call– from the police or the hospital. Their child has been severely injured. For example, we think of Samson whose son suffered a life altering spinal cord injury. Samson and his wife Dorothy gave everything they had to make their son’s life all that it could be. Although nearing retirement after a bone wearying career, Samson would work all day and then travel to his son’s home to provide care all night. There is nothing that father would not do for his son. Happy Father’s Day Samson!

“Fathers are men who dared to place the world’s hopes and dreams in their children.”

Happy Father’s Day.

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