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September 2020

Broken Bones After an Ontario Accident | Toronto, ON

Broken bones or fractures are very common after accidents involving motor vehicles and also where people have fallen. In our Toronto personal injury law practice, we regularly see clients with fractures ranging from skull or facial bones to ankles feet and toes and everything in between! It is generally easier [...]

By |September 18, 2020|Blog|

Slip and Fall FAQs

Slip and Fall FAQs Should I sue after a slip and fall accident? A slip and fall accident can have a range of injuries from minor to serious. Either way, a fall can severely impact the way you go about living your day-to-day life while trying to recover. However, is it practical for all [...]

By |September 15, 2020|Ontario slip and fall accidents|

Is there a Difference between Short Term and Long Term Disability?

After a disabling injury or a serious illness, many clients find it hard to fulfill their job responsibilities. In that situation disability benefits provide income replacement and peace of mind while you pursue your recovery. Many Ontario employers offer group disability insurance plans. But very few employees actually read through [...]

By |September 15, 2020|Disability Lawyers in Toronto|

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