Ottawa Accident Victim’s Feedback on our Services

Sometimes the practice of law is frustrating and (seemingly) thankless.   And then, out of the blue, you get an email like this:

It was really nice to see you today. I just want to say thanks again even though I feel that thank you is just too ordinary word for an extraordinary person like you. I am hoping to make a wise use of the amount I received today. It would have not been possible to get through this impossible journey without your understanding, support, kindness, politeness, warm welcomes and of course your priceless smile.

My health is always going to be a challenge for me. I don’t think I will physically or emotionally ever feel the same but efforts are going to be continued to restore whatever I can. If you ask me one question about what I liked the most about you Brenda I would say I honored your commitment and honesty the most. Your selfless efforts putting the time in your clients must be emotionally rewarding for you although it may get hectic sometime.

I deeply appreciated your prompt responses to my concerns all along whether it was mid day or mid night. You are a special person Brenda you will have your challenges at time with difficult cases or sometime may be annoying but I have to tell you that you make a big difference in people’s life. I felt it in every aspect; it is hard to explain it,  all I can say is that people go through tough times during this process; your smile, opinions, recommendation, and prompt responses to their concerns work better than any physician or psychologist’s supports.

It is you during the whole process that person puts his or her 110% trust and faith in.

(Re-printed with permission and thanks!)

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