Meet Ottawa Lawyer Charles Genest:

Birthplace: Ottawa

Law School: University of Ottawa

Hobbies/Interests: Travel, astronomy, crossfit, golf, snowboarding, X-country skiing

Pullquote: “Ultimately, it’s about getting people the resources they need to rebuild their lives following a traumatic injury. The most rewarding cases are the ones where the clients feel heard and appreciated, and come out of the litigation process with a more positive outlook on life.”

Although many can claim to be born and bred in Ottawa, precious few have the O-town street cred of Auger Hollingsworth associate Charles Genest. After all, Charles still lives in the same Ottawa neighbourhood he grew up in; he, his wife and their dog have a house just a few blocks away from his parents and brothers.

His postsecondary education comprised a total of nine years at the University of Ottawa, first in honours business with specializations in accounting and marketing. He graduated U of O law school in 2013 and was called to the bar in June 2014, starting as a personal injury lawyer at Auger Hollingsworth just a few months later. He’s been with the firm ever since, and not by accident: Charles says helping vulnerable people get what they need to live their lives is extremely fulfilling. Charles also completed the Program of Negotiation, a negotiation training course, as professional development at Harvard Law School in 2017.

But don’t think his proclivity for Ottawa makes him a homebody. Far from it. He also enjoys adventure travel, and when not arguing cases you’ll often find Charles snowboarding in Colorado and New Zealand or trekking the remote jungles of Peru or Borneo in search of rare wildlife. Charles is also a crossfit enthusiast from a very close family that spends time every summer golfing or enjoying watersports at the family cottage, along with hitting the slopes or trails while snowboarding and cross-country skiing each winter.

He’s also something of an amateur astronomist, regularly peering up to the heavens through a scientific-grade telescope he’s got at home. It’s all part of an innate curiosity that Charles says – perhaps with a touch of irony – helps him stay grounded in his career as a personal injury lawyer.

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